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Winston Churchill once said most of the people think for 2-4 hours a year and what got me here is only practicing each day.

Thinking typically involves, but not limited to Analysis, Awareness, Calculation, Categorization, Casual Thinking, Cognitive thinking, Cognitive restructuring, Computational thinking, Convergent thinking, Counterfactual thinking, Critical thinking, Divergent thinking, Evaluation, Integrative thinking.

The William Taxonomy is developed by Frank E William’s which is a hierarchical arrangement of eight creative thinking skills - Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, Elaboration, Risk-taking, Complexity, Curiosity and Imagination.

At ADURO® utilize these concepts to build the thinkAlgorithm which can help Entrepreneurs and Individuals to solve problems in a systematic and collaborative methodology.


When you create a new product, it paves way for other new problems, solutions and ideas. Your product strategy should enable you to identify the possible outcomes and help you incorporate them into your product.

Using our proprietary thinkStrategy, we help you create the best product strategy for your idea.

thinkStrategy™ Workshop
This is a one-day workshop focusing on the idea, opportunity identification, opportunity formulation, business model design and execution. 

You will be able to identify the key aspects of your prospective markets and solidify your idea along with execution strategy. 

business model testing & idea write-up

Victor Hugo said, there is one thing stronger than all armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.

Testing your idea and bringing it to the right audience is the first step in creating a unique offering.

According to statistics, 8 out of 10 Startup’s fail.

Why do Startups fail? Is it because

  • a wrong problem is picked?
  • is the solution is premature? reached the wrong audience?
  • the gap is not appropriately address?
  • there is no market?
  • there is no appropriate infrastructure?
  • problem in ideation?

There is nothing called failure. An idea might not have reached its potential because of various reasons.

The most important aspect of starting up is the Idea Evaluation (Ideation) and Business Model Testing.

At ADURO®, we are committed to bring you the best of the minds to test your idea and the business model for you to have a clear blue print of what, why, where and how you are going to do.

Write to us to change the world with your idea.


If one thinker could give us Mathematics, Electricity, a Pen, a Pencil and a Notebook which changed the world, imagine what 7 Billion thinkers can do?

A new age platform for thinkers is coming soon.